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Hi! My name is Marta Mancini and i’m 18 years old. I was born and raised in Rome. I am a very extrovert girl who loves to be always surrounded by new people. Since i was a child i have enjoyed travelling  and my curiosity has often led me to discover interesting  aspects of new cultures. I have attendend classical studies and during the five years of Liceo i participated to several simulations of the United Nations where I was able to  develop a critical vision of the world surrounding and of nowaday’s society. I love practising sports and my favourite hobbies are climbing and photography. I choose Global Governance because i wanted to do something different from the other faculties, something new and extremely challenging. I love the internationality of this course that makes it the perfect ground for a continuous exchange of ideas. In these three years I would like to gain knowledge on many sectors in order to be open minded to all the challenges i’ll be facing in the future.