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Ciao! My name is Laura Menicacci, I am 19 years old and I was born and raised Rome. I come from a classical high school and I am a curious person, with many different interests. I am not really a sportive person, but I love nature and adventures. In my free time I love reading and watching good films. I have always been fascinated by “how does the world work”, in particular by how so many people and nations could interact with each other, especially in times of big changes such as these. Most of my interests concern international matters and this is one of the reasons why I decided to take part to experiences as the HSMUN (High School Model United Nations) programme held in New York. My personal goal is to achieve enough knowledge and skills in order to do “my part”. I want to contribute to the common welfare, and I am interested in raising awareness and drawing attention on it, because I think it could be a possible pathway to reach dialogue between cultures and populations. If everyone starts to take care of the future of the things that we have in common, then he is ready to dialogue. I chose Global Governance because I think it can provide to me a wider vision about world issues and a more open mind to look at the things right in front of me with a very conscious criticism