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RINALDI Carolina


My name is Carolina Rinaldi, I am nineteen years old and I’m from Rome. Since when I was a little girl, I have had the opportunity to visit many Countries, and to meet different cultures and ways of life. I have also lived for two years in Cuba and eight in Poland, having the chance to know and live with friends coming from all over the world, playing, working, acting and singing with them, considering that the school system where I’ve started my education and in which I attended till the age of twelve, encouraged team work and creativity development. Recently I participated to several experiential camps organized by “Scuola dei talenti” to help teenagers to improve their self-confidence and to develop awareness of their potentiality, emotive intelligence, team working, problem solving ability. Attending these camps, I learnt to better manage my emotions, to face challenges and failures, to understand the importance of active listening and empathy, and to improve my leadership capacity and flexibility.