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Hello, my name is Ana I am 22 years old and I come from a small and beautiful country - Georgia, where I was born and raised. Ever since I was young, I was always looking forward to gain international education that led me to Rome. After the High School graduation   I continued my studies in Business Administration at the online University in the USA - the University of the People. Nevertheless, it turned out that distance learning was not for me. By that time, I started work at the local NGO – Social Policy and Development Institute (SPDI) that aims at supporting Georgian communities, government and private sector to become resilient to natural and man-made disasters and adapt to climate change by implementing various projects within the field of disaster risk reduction. Soon, I discovered that my area of interest was much broader than the narrow sphere of business. Based on the projects run by the SPDI, I was more and more interested in the ongoing global issues around the world. I see global governance as a tool for collective management of our planet and a way to achieve sustainable development for the common prosper future and I chose this course as it introduces new areas and gives an opportunity to change the ways of thinking in order to approach issues in a more effective and holistic way. Besides my interest in Global Governance, I have hobbies: music, photography and cooking and in this way, I think GG will not only provide me an opportunity to get an international education, but also will give a chance to develop my skills and hobbies in this amazing city of Italy, Rome.