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REGHUVARAN Niranjan Nair


Hey! I'm Niranjan Nair Reghuvaran, from the southern tip of India. But after the first week in Rome, I realized that my name is too long and hard for many to pronounce properly, hence I'm Pachu  (Italian pronunciation-Paciu). Coming to Rome was a big decision in my life, and I believe it's the best decision of my life. The multiculturality and diversity I witness in my 24hr is beyond anything I could have expected. I eat Italian, speak English, behave Indian and sometimes become the odd Moroccan , Georgian or Albanian! What I mean to say is, here I'm not bound to one nationality or one culture and I'm very happy for making that choice. This explains why I took this course. As I said in my personal statement, I'm here to find my tribe of believers in a better world. And so far, the journey is great.