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My name is Emi Bujari, I am from Albania.I am in the first semester of my first year studying global governance at Tor Vergata , Universita  degli studi di Roma 2.I would like to tell you a little about my background ,interests  ,achievements and my future goals. I was born in Korca ,one of the largest and most important cultural and economical centers of Albania . My city is located in the southeastern part of my country ,is known for its typical quarters, composed of low houses and villas wich are paved with cobblestone. The city of Korca has a range of museums such as as Education Museum (located in the building where the first Albanian school opened in 1887), the renewed National Museum of Medieval Art(to visit absolutely),the Prehistoric Museum , the House-Museum of the famous landscape painter Vangjush Mio ,the Museum of the Oriental Art “Bratko”, a marvelous experience through the asian culture .In the vicinity of the city is the cemetery of French soldiers fallen during the First World War. My everyday activities included going to school,playing basketball twice a week , hanging out with my friends ,  watch a movie once in a while and visiting my grandmother at the weekend . I was born and raised in Korca , I have spend most of my time getting the proper education, for my family is very important having the right preparation to be able to build a future career.I used to wake up early at the morning to get prepared to go to school for five days a week ,then turn back home  dedicating my time doing my homeworks .During the weekends I really enjoyed practicing  my hobbies such as painting ,my favorite one is actually sketching in black and white. Of course I have participated in extracurricular activities organised by both , my school and the community of the students in my city. Along with  school , I also found time to hang out with my closest friends and going to the movies. When I had a little more time , I really had fun playing chess with my  father and my sister. I have always been interested in the political matters, mostly in the international ones, always being curious about how our society function , the latest news . A degree in Global Governance enables me to comprehend better the world, to achieve my academic goals giving me the opportunity to make a difference .