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Hey guys!My name is Cheng zhuo and I am one of the students from China .I am 19 years old and I am studying Global Government now .I like playing video game and reading novel. I am from a very small city in HeNan Province in China, it is a quiet city where I have lived for 18 years and being here in Italty is my first time to be abroad to study.Last year I graduated from my scientific high school and was preparing for my final exam, it was at that time that I got to know Global Government from my uncle,when I was hesitated which factory I should choose for my futuer study,he told me about the Global Government,at first I actually wasn't interested in it but after he gave me a detailed introducation then I want to learn more , the reason why I choose this is because it is a really good chance for me --- who had just graduated from the high school in a small city of Chin,  at the background of globalization ,to learn abroad will be useful for me to learn more different culture from different part of the world and I can have more possibilities through the 3 years study in Italy ,fortunately through the Marco Polo Project I can seat here and continue my university study with so many  new foreign classmates,I am very glad to have so many different culture and thoughts in my classroom, and I wish I can have a nice 3 years in Global Government!