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COIRO Arnaldo


Hi everyone! My name is Arnaldo Coiro, I am nineteen years old and I was born and raised in Rome but in an international environment, in fact half of my family is French.I attended the “Liceo Giulio Cesare” of Rome. My two biggest passions are sports and traveling around the world, but not like a tourist I prefer to live the place where I am as a local to understand the real traditions. For this reason during high school, I spend 4 months in South Africa where I came in contact for the first time with some real global issues. This experience made me grow up and let me understood something about what I wanted to study in my future career. Moreover every year ,since I was sixteen , during summer I go one months abroad to volunteer. During this experiences I met a lot of people from all over the world and this we can say that open my mind. I am so excited to start this new path in Global Governance and it is the actuality of this subject that capture my curiosity and fuels my desire to understand and give in the future my contribution to have part in solving international dilemmas.