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HUMA Alessio


Hi there! My name is Alessio Huma. I’m 19 while I write this. If you’re reading this description, it means that your mind has just acquired the awareness of the existence of some unknown person somewhere: me. Without the power of the Internet, maybe you would have never heard of me. That’s the power of globalisation: connection. I want to say just a few things to you. I think that the globalisation, by fastening all the processes of communication and connection between humans, is just showing us in a quicker way something inevitable: the world is way smaller than we could ever imagine, and every action that we do everyday, in a way or another, has some consequences in this world where we are living all together. Therefore, if we really want a better world for us and for the next generations, we have to start thinking critically of which is our place on this planet and how we can help the others in order to make everyone living better as a humankind. We’re connecting each other more and more as the day passes. We can’t pretend to ignore what happens around us anymore, because whether we like it or not, we’re part of it. Human connection, therefore, is the key to overcome the challenges that Globalisation is posing to us.

That’s why I chose Global Governance