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Hello, my name is Nandin Badral, I am from Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar and I am very glad to be part of this studying course. I can say that I am a very intent, encouraged, focused and melioristic student.
I graduated from a high school of the Ulaanbaatar branch of "Plekhanov Russian University of Economics" there I have learned many valuable and essential skills such as: positive attitude, time management, teamwork, cooperation, patience, empathy and sympathy.  I believe that by studying in this course my skills will meliorate and broaden.
I choose to study Global Governance at Tor Vergata University of Rome owing to the fact that by studying Global Governance I will be able to stimulate my personal and professional growth. Moreover, I am fully confident that by obtaining this qualification I can become a global citizen whose “living space” is enriched with friendships, interests of coexistence and cooperation. Also I believe that I will turn to a person who can understand the principles of the foreign policy theory to solve global issues with a strong command of balanced knowledge of global governance.