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FANG Yingxu


Hi ! I’m Fang Yingxu, an 18 years old boy from China. Books ,music and documentary enlarge my view while the real world makes me understand better in everyday life.Swimming and the game of GO are both beneficial hobbies that refresh my body and mind. With the changeable and accommodating personality, I am an easy-going person you can get along with. Moreover , I’m open to the diversity of individuals and the constant changes of future , which helps me view the world of evolution and difference more wisely. I am dedicated to my major and career Global Governance. It’s not only what I choose, but also what I am devoted to. In my viewpoint , It’s the most effective means to solve the global issue in the long term and the very path that leads to the sustainable development. I feel blessed to take part in it with a group of great people.For me and the whole world, there’s a long way to go. In the end ,we will be the best version of ourselves.