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My name is Dasio D’Isanto and I was born in Naples on the 3rd of August

I’ve always been fascinated by the richness and the diversity of our world and that’s why I’ve decided to take part in this experience.I love travelling because it forces you to get out of your comfort zone and only then you have the chance to find out new colours and new perfumes that you can add to your life. My experiences abroad , above all in Los Angeles , have helped me understand how my future would be like.

I’m really interested in politics , economics and also marketing and financial issues , I hope that these things will be part of my future even if I haven’t studied these subjects at school because I’ve attended a language school (I’ve studied French,Spanish and English). I am determined , ambitious and focused and once I have a target I do everything I can in order to succeed.

Global Governance is something new, it represents the development of our world and I’m glad to be part of it . I hope that this experience will let me communicate with people all around the world and that it will make me find out new hidden aspects of my personality.