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DIANA Gabriele


I'm Gabriele Diana , I'm 20 years old and I lived in Rome for most of my life, even if I always travelled a lot mainly to visit my family which is particularly spread across the world.
When I was sixteen I won the scholarship for an exchange year with Intercultura in Serbia, and that event has changed my life.
Until now I'm still volunteering for AFS Intercultura and I'm very involved in their mission. I'm an extroverted person with many interests and passions, my curiosity has pushed me to study many different subjects and to explore different experiences during my life.
I'm very open to changing idea about many subjects and this has helped me to make friends from different countries and to discover new cultures. This mentality was particularly useful during my exchange year in Serbia in 2016/2017, but sometimes this tendency to being open can look like hipocrisy. Instead I have very strong belief which guide me during my discovery of new cultures and new ideas, my main effort is not to impose those beliefs to the people I have around but to make my position clear and to understand the ones that are different.
My main passion is for literature and writing, thought I do love all the natural sciences and I have deppende my studies in some of them.
The big mistake I often do is to criticise too much myself and everything that happens around me, often even without thinking or without actually having enough information to give an opinion, still, I'm aware of this issue and I always try not to exagerate.