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Hi there. I am Prisca Urwingeri, from the heart of Africa in Rwanda and I am 19 years old now. As an enthusiastic person, I find joy in trying out new experiences like travelling, making friends, and trying new sports and adventures. This actually dives into why I chose global governance, it is awesome that I will be in a classroom environment with global ideas, tackling global challenges, debating. I love that my mind will never be idle with this major, I will always have something to think about, ask questions on, and find solutions for. I am very optimistic about my career after this major for I know that I have planted the right seeds. I don't only see a heuritistic approach to life though, i love talent. I enjoy singing, contemporary dancing, poetry, drama and theatre. I am excited for this new journey I have in Rome and can't wait to see where destiny leads me next.