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Heyyy! I'm Simone, I'm 19 and I'm an extroverted, curious and empathic guy from Rome. Throughout my past 5 years attending a Liceo Linguistico I've had many experiences that led me to understand my biggest interests: my exchange in Canada with AFS in 2017 was what really made my passion for foreign cultures and discoveries in general bloom (even though I had always travelled a lot before that, too), while volunteering for AFS after the exchange truly made me realize how cooperation between different people of different countries can be fundamental to create a more peaceful global environment and can also be such a beautiful source of cultural enrichment for everyone. Then, when I found out about GG I immediately realized that was my chance to learn how to put myself into practice to concretely help solving global issues and making this world a better place for everyone while studying in such a cosmopolitan environment that I'm sure every "global citizen" would love to join (and that I'm so glad to be a part of, indeed!).
I'm also interested in photography, sports (especially rugby and tennis), travelling of course, psychology and cinema.
I'm so looking forward to meet everyone in the GG family and can't wait to start this wonderful experience that's waiting for us in September!
See you soon,