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Hi, my name is Jacopo Giavoli, I was born in 2000.
I’m a really curious guy, I enjoy having new experiences and I love listening to music, photography and sailing. My greatest passion is travelling, and when I was 16 I decided to spend a year abroad in Costa Rica as an exchange student, this wonderful experience made me grow up teaching me how to face difficulties independently, it also gave me the capacity for adapting easily to new circumstances.
Before choosing global Governance I analyzed many departments, but I always realized that each one left me with a sense of incompleteness.
I share the idea behind GG that to deal effectively with any kind of problem it’s necessary to manage different types of skills and to observe issues from different points of view. I also love the fact that being a student of Global Governance means being part of a group of young people from different cultural backgrounds who work and collaborate together in a stimulating environment.
I still don't know where this path will lead me, but I am sure that I took the first step in the right direction.