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Hey, I am Ali Mahboob from Lahore, Pakistan. Tackling global issues in Model United Nations and studying international infrastructure in parliamentary debates, I have been a student of politics since the past four years.

I have always been fascinated by the diverse cultures and ethnicities that make up this world and been given an opportunity to live and be a part of such a global community is a privilege. To meet new people, learn different languages, and discover myself through the beauty that this world hides within itself is what I look forward to.I believe it is through being part of a learned community that one improves himself by relating and understanding this world through someone else’ eyes. It just not just allows you to open your mind and see beyond your own sphere of knowledge but also gives you the perspective of a greater world.

My curiosity for global governance derives from wanting to know how nations interconnectedly work in a dynamic at an international level and what are the stakeholders in order to sustain this equilibrium. I want to have a better understanding of the crises that the modern world faces and be aware of my role in making it a better one. I believe that elegantly sums up what we all are meant to do: leave this world better than which was given to us.  

In the end, I cannot wait to accompany all of my peers in Rome and spend the next three years amongst these extraordinary people.