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Hello everyone! My name is Cecilia Landolfi, i'm 19 years old and i was born in Milan. I attended a scientific high school in Rome called "Liceo scientifico Farnesina". My passions are travelling around the world to discover new places and cultures and volleyball. Last year I started building my personal “international education project” and I went studying for one semester to Vancouver (Canada). This experience really opened my mind. The social and academic interactions with students, teachers, families, having different religions, races, cultures, habits, really taught me a lot everyday about the world we live in and the different ways of considering our problems and opportunities.
I've also played volleyball at competitive level for several teams in Italy and Canada. This experience built my teamwork aptitude and personal character that I’m sure will be useful for my years at university and for my life. Now i want to give continuity to my international project, taking an international degree, studying with international students, enjoying great variety courses. I'm really thrilled to study Global Governance, as a student I'm enthusiastic about the possibility to study how different societies, economies and cultures can interact together for assuring a better future to all of us. I would like to study and improve my understanding of this global society and to learn how I can have my small part on this play.