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GRAZIOSO Francesco


Hi everyone,
I’m Francesco Grazioso a very curious and humble boy 18 years old; I was born in Naples, I spent 10 years in a little town near Brindisi in the wonderful area of Salento and since 2014 I have been living in Albano Laziale, a nice town in the Roman Castles area. I've attended the "Liceo Classico Ugo Foscolo" and now I'm so excited to start my new path in the global Governance family.
Having the chance of changing my hometown and consequently my habits, friends and schools has been an incredible but challenging opportunity for learning to mediate between different opinions, taking something from the people I have met.
I define myself as “curious” for the fact that I’ve always been interested in any kind of difference and “humble” because the more I learn, the more I understand that there is something else I should learn;  this is the reason why I love travelling around the world, reading and acting; just through these hobbies I can better approach other cultural environments, lifestyles and stories; this brought me to travel a lot with friends and alone taking photographs; with an enormous backpack on the shoulders and a big desire to explore and meet new people.
I've always been interested in global issues and international politics, a passion that has grown travelling, knowing people from everywhere and taking part in different MUN experiences and that let me think at global governance as my path for the interdisciplinary way of teaching and learning and for the strongly international environment,
wishing to have one day an international carreer in this field.
What else? Just that I can't looking forward to being part of this course!