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Hi guys! I’m Sara de Angelis and I’m 19 years old. I was born in Ascoli Piceno and I live in Rome.
When I was attending High School I always did my best to develop a wide familiarity in every subject and to have my university choice open.
I attended two IMUN simulations and thanks to them I found entrance into a situation where my voice came over clearly in dealing with important global social issues for the first time.
I decided to overcome my national borders for 6 months to do a life-changing experience in Vancouver. This experience has totally changed my perspectives and views of what surrounds me and I believe overcoming our borders isn't just a physical action but it let us open our eyes to see what actually surrounds us.
I am an extrovert and easygoing person, I easily support changes and I always work hard to reach a goal when I set myself one. I have practiced dance, tennis, swimming, volleyball and kickboxing and I think sports are useful to unplug the plug.