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My name is Beatrice Marafini, I was born and raised in Rome with my family and I am a second child.  I have just finished High School (Liceo Scientifico) where I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and where I made the best memories with my closest friends. I have always been a good student and aimed high grades. I’m very interested in scientific subjects but not really sure about what to do as a job. However, my goal in life is to be of any help in building up a better and safer world.

One thing about me that is important to know is that at first I come of as a very shy girl but once I get to know people and I am comfortable with them I can be myself. I am a very kind, compassionate, sensitive girl and I really love to experience new things. That is why my close friends describe me as a “tough shell on the outside and soft on the inside”. I am also a very straight and honest person and a loyal friend. I am responsible and very open-minded too, but I do follow different principles that I got to know thanks to the Scout experience. In fact, I have been joining Scouts since I was seven and one of the most important values that I’ve incorporated in my life is to love and respect each other and nature too. Every year I volunteer in different ways: helping children in needs doing homework and entertaining them too, serving meals to homeless at the Caritas canteen. Actually, I strongly believe that each of us should try their best to help the less fortunate. Moreover, I believe that friendship is one of the most important values in human life. In fact, with my friends I exchange ideas, opinions and expand my knowledge. Furthermore, I have fun and make great experiences.

In my free time, I like doing sports such as dancing and working out. I love listening to music, my favourite kind is pop. I also really enjoy travelling not only because I can explore new places but also because I can meet new people and learn different cultures . One day I would like to visit most of the countries of the world! I have already been to Australia for about six months during my fourth year of High School. This experience completely changed my prospective of the world and myself as a person. I understood what are the important things in life and how to be grateful because I realized that gratitude is the centre of life, it really keeps me down to earth and it cheers me up.