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Hi there! My name is Mukhabbat and I’m 18 years old. For me, reading, traveling and music is the best thing what might have ever happened to the world.I consider myself extremely  lucky because I am the part of such a big and diverse community, being surrounded with people who are super passionate about changing the world. Talking about myself, I highly appreciate kindness and humaneness in people. No matter the background he/she comes from, or the way he/she looks, the only priority for me is human’s soul. Since I became the member of the volunteering movement “Baxtulash” aimed at providing any kind of help to the disabled people and orphans, I realized how precious might be just our presence, any sign of our commitment! Also I was surprised by the tones of happiness you receive while helping the others. So I came to the point that our life is a gift which we need to share with someone and this is was the actual reason of my faculty choice.