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My name is Letizia and I’m a student from Brescia, Italy. I attended the liceo scientifico “Liceo Internazionale per l’Impresa Guido Carli” in Brescia. One of my greatest passions is theater and acting, but in my free time I also love reading, skiing and hiking. I’m a passionate traveler, I also had the opportunity to live a year in the US and to take part in an exchange program in South Africa. Throughout my high school years I increasingly became fascinated by how we see the world and by the different ideas and phenomena that shaped our society and culture. I started to see the world as a whole and the global challenges connected to it, like climate change and environmental issues. I believe that us as individuals, through our decisions and daily actions have an impact that will inevitably influence the reality around us. This implies that we have a tremendous but also empowering responsibility. To be up to the task awareness and knowledge are decisive, because by discovering and analyzing the world around us, we nurture our freedom and the ability to form our own opinions. This is why I’m looking forward to start my journey at Global Governance