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My name is Alice Stella, I am nineteen years old and come from a small family living in the outskirts of Rome. Should I give an account of myself I would say I am ambitious, curious, with plenty of dreams and interests, such as reading and traveling.
So far I have had the chance to spend some time abroad and I must admit I broadened my knowledge meeting people from different backgrounds and I’ve learned that travel is undoubtedly the best way of extending your culture and learning about other customs and lifestyles by mingling with people from different nationalities. I am eager to travel also because my curiosity comes from the stories that my parents used to tell me and I consider myself very lucky since they passed on to me their love for adventures and their passion of learning about the world.
I chose to study at Global Governance since I assume that I will be offered the opportunity to know situations different from the one I was brought up. My wish is to study in a multi-ethnic and multicultural environment where my expectations may be fulfilled. Last but not least I think that Global Governance will enable me to combine my interests with subjects which undoubtedly can help me improve significantly.