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My name is Giulia Loffreda. I’m Italian, and I was born in Salerno, a city in the south of Italy.
I’ve attended a Classical High School, and the most important teaching that I absorbed during my studies is to develop a critical point of view regarding all the topics that I have to deal with, from the least to the most difficult. The school that I have been attending allowed me to have a very open mind and, in my opinion, this is one of the fundamental lessons that we should learn from the ancients.
The scholastic aspect is not the only one in my life. I have many passions, such has playing the piano, cinematography, reading books and travelling. Visiting new places is the thing that I love the most. I adore discovering new cultures, new traditions, foods, smells, points of view, and travelling a lot is the only way to get a full immersion a foreign ethos.