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Hello everybody,
my name is Diletta, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Rome, Italy.
I’ve always been a curious girl, that asked plenty of questions and could never actually focus her attention on only one interest. My biggest passions have always been dancing, photography, reading and studying different languages, but recently I discovered how social topics such as feminism, gender equality and human rights in general really fascinated me.
Two years ago, in order to define my personal identity and my future goals, I decided to move to Canada for a year abroad.
It was there that I actually understood how much the world has in store for young people like me, that in this specific moment of the history have the opportunity to be heard.
This is the reason why Global Governance is the perfect path for me, not only in terms of subjects and academic goal, but mostly because of the environment of enthusiasm and reliance on the fact that our generation can actually have an impact on the world.
I feel blessed to have the opportunity to join such an amazing and stimulating course surrounded by interdisciplinarity and multiculturalism.