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RIZZO Francesca Sofia

Hi! I'm Francesca Sofia, or just Sofia to my friends. I was born in Rome in 1999, but pieces of my heart are scattered in a multitude of places, and in all of them I feel at home. I love to travel and to discover different facets of humanity, from the closest to the most dissimilar. One of the many lessons that the Latin culture has taught me is the one expressed by the sentence ''Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto''. I'm very excited to become part of the GG family for a variety of reasons: the international scope, the multidisciplinary, the embracement of diversity as richness. My interest in human rights, international cooperation, sustainable development, and preservation of cultural heritage, could not have led me to a better BA than this! When I’m not overthinking and daydreaming, I love to immerse myself in art, in all of its forms, including awkwardly trying to learn to play the bass guitar. You may also find me running, meditating, writing, eating vegetarian dishes, or learning a new language.