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Hi!! My name is Giulia Paloni, I am 19 years old and live in Rome. I am a cooperative, solar, curious person. I love challenges, so I need to pursue a course of study that is similar to me. Global Governance is an exceptional course and I am sure it would open doors to an international and global future, which is exactly what I am looking for. I attended the Virgilio high school where my studies lead to the awarding of some languages as French, English and Spanish. In my high school, I have learned two different methods of study, the Italian and the French. These methods have given me a great mental openness further consolidated by 5 months of study in Paris at the Louis Le Grand high school. It was a fantastic experience, not only because it allowed me to grow independently, but also because I was able to enrich my knowledge of the French culture. Furthermore, it was an opportunity to make new friends with different people from the ones I have always had. One of my biggest passion is music and I play piano. I like to fill my days with various activities to increase my personal skills. I can’t wait to start this new experience and to share it with lots of new people because I love teamwork. I have always loved to travel and I’m ready to start this new journey in Global Governance!!