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Let me introduce myself ;) I’m Sabina and I’m from Almaty, Kazakhstan. I studied 2 years at Ablai khan university of international relationships&word languages. And throughout these years I gained huge experience in organizing regions&international Model UN, so if someone is interested in this sphere, you’re welcome to improve skills together among students in Rome. Also, I am a volunteer and organized charity events for children with disabilities, arranging funny performances and entertainments for them with gifts. Worked in sport and international events such as Central Asia Youth festival and Triathlon Asian Cup 2018. I am debater and fascinated by improving critical thinking and public speaking. Trying by best in sport to feel life energy and be on the wave is vital part of my life, so I practice yoga, jogging and other kinds where I’ve already injured. I am quite easy-going and open-minded to find a lot in common with all of you.