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NATALE Lucrezia Vittoria


Hi! My name is Lucrezia Vittoria and I come from Liguria, a beautiful and fragile territory. I have a strong bond with this land, and this has made me aware of the importance of the environment and its protection. I love to travel, and I have visited several countries. I have also spent time living in the UK, where I took an English Language and presentation course, and where I gained work experience by helping out in a charity shop.   In my free time, I go to concerts and listen to music because I love the way it brings people together by creating communities. I realised that politics, political science, and international studies are my passion at high school, where I studied History and Civics. I chose GG because I hope to change the world for the better, by joining forces with young people who share my interests and values. Will you join me? Together we can make a difference.