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RUSU Ancuta Raluca


Hi! My name is Ancuta Raluca and I'm a proud GG1 student. I was born in Romania but moved to Italy when I was nine years old. I describe myself as an ambitious and hard-working person who is capable of anything in order to achieve the desired results. I firmly believe in solidarity and I think that this is a trait which all the GG students and staff have in common. Also, I promote equality, justice, human and animal rights. I want to give the possibility to all people to make their voices heard! Furthermore, Global Governance represents an excellent opportunity for me and I want to prove the world that even when you come from nothing, you can still build your future! Moreover, I expect to grow mentally as a person, to improve my knowledge and to become friends with all of you. Oh, and I spend my free time writing poetry and reading all kinds of books.