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Hello, nice to meet you I’m Lorenzo and that’s a quick overview of who I am. I was born and raised in Aprilia, a town close to Rome, with passion for politics, football, literature and art. Well, I think the last one can sufficiently resume my personality. In fact I love to imagine things and try at all my best to realize my visions and draw them in the reality just like for a paint, for a project or also for a play. That’s what I want to do in my future as a job, to give visions and realize projects, I tried for the first time in smaller during the past year in my high school protesting and activating my schoolmates to claim a more active and independent role of the figure of the student inside the school. But in general what interests me most are social justice and green economy and sustainability. My goal is to enter inside the European institutions and a have an active role to realize that I think Global Governance can give the tools I need. In addition to the tools what’s really important is the mindset. Perseverance, resilience, self-confidence and challenge myself constantly represent what the sport gives to me and that’s for that and for the feelings I live that I practise football since I was 7. The mindset the sport gives to me is fundamental also off the pitch in school and in everyday life. Another aspect of me is the constant research for new stimulations, there is no better way to find new ideas than literature. I love read essays, biographies, the books that contain a lot of humanity. One of my favourite book is “Gli spiriti non dimenticano” written by Vittorio Zucconi. Love for humans and possibility to travel inside a completely new world it’s not only for literature but also for Art. One of the painter that I most like Paul Gauguin well represents what I love about art.