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MERCADO Melani Joyce


I used to believe growing up is the best part of life, but it wasn’t. The best part in life was being innocent: believing in fairy tales and magic even. Instead, growing up is life’s alarm we all keep on snoozing during weekdays — we all thought as a kid we were all on cloud nines and life was full of rainbows, but then we realized not all of us were. We start to see how harsh and cruel life really is and the reality of living in a world where justice isn’t for everybody and working hard isn’t enough to secure a bright future. Therefore, I chose Global Governance. It might be my back-up plan, and I might not be sure if I’ll be truly happy on this voyage of my life. Nevertheless, one thing is I’m sure of whether this degree is for me or not. I’m proud to be part of it because it is a degree that gives a future hope, and a degree that teaches us how to be a civilized man. As my mom would always say, “it’s easy to be human but hard to be humane”.