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Hello everyone! My name is Martina Micozzi, I am eighteen years old and I was born in Rome. I really love dancing and sports in general, like artistic gymnastic and sailing, having practiced them since I was very young. One of my biggest passion is travelling around the world, getting to know other people and their cultures. That’s why I spent the 4th year of high school in Canada as an exchange student, where I had the opportunity to complete the high school academic program obtaining the graduation. My trip to Canada helped me to open my mind and changed my future perspectives. I took part in this project because of my strong belief that living in a different country with different habits helps you to grow up and have a global vision of our society. I have volunteered several times and I also got close to the concepts of public relations, organization, working with different people and community leadership. I have spent two weeks in Edinburgh back in 2017 sharing classes and activities with people coming from all over the world. My main takeaway there has been to understand the importance of communication. It is my firm belief that comparing and integrating different cultures, social contexts and experiences represents the stimulus for enhancing our educational development, all key characteristics that only this course offers. I am excited and glad to join such a program, inspired by its multicultural environment that matches my interests and gives me the proper means to continue my studies career.