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I am Beatrice and I am an 18-years-old Italian girl. I am from Rome and this June I graduated from high school. I love studying foreign languages and knowing new cultures. Indeed, I have attended an experience in Canada, where I have lived for 7 months. Thanks to that I got in touch with people from all over the world. I am very open minded and I love listening to other people opinions and ideas, because I can learn a lot from them. I am enthusiastic and sociable. I would spend the rest of my life traveling around the world and discovering new places; and since I love knowing new environments, my dream is to work in a field that embraces International relations and economies. 
My passions are any kind of art and sports; I used to train in a professional swimming team but I also enjoy spending my time playing sport or watching matches. 
My experience in GG will be one of the best of my life and it will give me all the knowledge and the motivations that will help me achieve my future!!