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Hey y’all!
I’m Niccolò Molina Jaime and I’m 19. I was born in Spain, my father is Spanish and my mom is from Rome. I’ve been living here since I was 4 and I can handle the two languages without effort. I’m working on my skills with English too! I always been interested in some kind of work that has to do with laws and human rights. In fact my dream job would be to help people that are not treated as they should. Some sort of superhero of the human rights I guess :) 
I’m a humble guy who knows what work and sacrifices means. I can easily adapt to any tipe of situations, and I really enjoy working as a team or also on my own. I can learn new stuff very quickly, and I behave professionally when I have to do something. I always get the work done when it’s needed. 
I really appreciate the opportunity the you guys gave me, and I will get the best out of it. 

PS: I already sent another form but that was the wrong one, I rewrote the whole description.