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LACAP Marian Justine


Hi! My name is Marian Justine Lacap and I'm 18 years old. 
My family is originally from the Philippines, however I was born and raised here in Italy. 
I love travelling and reading. I’ve attended the European High School for four years, where I had the amazing and unforgettable opportunity to be in a class full of people who came from various countries and with diverse backgrounds. During my high school years, I came to the realization that my career path belongs to a place with a multicultural environment. I believe that diversity is at the core of our society, however we sometimes forget that our dissimilarities in language and cultures are what make us unique, and mistake them as things that should tear us apart. I want to study Global Governance, because it promotes multiculturalism, it teaches us how to properly communicate with each other, without having barriers (despite our dissimilarities), and most importantly it sets for every student the same goals: becoming the change we want to see in our world, and being able to help those who are affected by injustice. 
I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all, and I hope that these three years we’ll spend with each other will be filled with joy and fun!