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Hi, I’m Manuela and I’m 19. I’d identify myself as a very curious person. I’d like to know and do it all. That’s why I usually find myself in critical circumstances just like being in an Erasmus+ project called “Travelling into the Heart of Europe” trying to find ways to attend courses on September while already attending mathematics in Florence. Yup, that’s my negative side. I also try to do my best and learn from any experience I can participate in; I’m a bit shy at first but later you guys will understand my craziness (previous sorry for that). I have a veeeery traditional italian family, that’s why I’m kinda the opposite. I LOVE TRAVELLING and learning new languages, I’m almost down to everything. I still don’t know what I would like to become, even thought the ambassador career really attracts me, I’ll keep growing and I hope that the GG’s course will make these three years amazing.