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Hi everybody. My name is Virginia and I am 19 years old.

I live in Rome, Italy with my family and my little dog. I am a sunny, empathetic and very friendly person. I’m unstoppable! I have many interests and passions including sports, reading, music and trekking. I love animals, especially dogs, and nature in general.

I chose this Program because I like to discover cultures, languages and traditions different from my own to be pragmatically applied to socially and economically relevant activities.

I like the idea of being able to create a spirit of brotherhood even with people who are not of the same nationality as me.

I believe in the spirit of collaboration and teamwork, having been involved in sports at a competitive level for many years. I also think that everyone can offer their help to the others in their own small way and for this reason I have been participating in various voluntary initiatives for some years.

I hope to meet passionate and determined people with whom to share this journey because “TOGETHER”, is always better!