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DE MORAIS João Ricardo


Hello there! You can call me Joao. I am from the northeastern region of Brazil, the place where my “roots of dreams” are planted. I am deeply passionate about exploring different political projects and learning about sociological and anthropological aspects of the environments to which I am exposed. I enjoy getting engaged in social entrepreneurship projects and political causes, as well I love taking some personal time to appreciate music, have fruitful conversations, write, and get submerged by what I read. I have lived in a conflict zone( Israel/Occupied Palestine) for the last 3 years of my life, in a school that has the mission of promoting peace and sustainability in the Middle East. Because of such experience, exploring new perspectives and listening to different opinions become part of my daily life. I believe that the Global Governance course and its community will allow me to continue learning new points of view while getting the best out of the international experience in Italy. Feel free to approach me for a talk, I would love to get to know you.