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ABABNEH Ghalia Omar Ghazi


I’m ambitious and enthusiastic. I thrive in an intellectually stimulating environment that encourages discussions and debates; I feel that it empowers me to grow as a person and a student. I enjoy political conversations, especially ones that revolve around analysis of current events and how they are interconnected. I enjoy painting, mainly watercolor painting, and other forms of art. Adding onto that I enjoy visiting museums and discussions about art history. My less pretentious hobbies include watching cheesy movies and making fun of the characters in them. Plus (and this is me trying to reach a niche audience) I love watching documentaries about stop motion animation, especially horror stop motion. As for my personality, I’ve been told that I’m overly passionate about my believes and goals, however I disagree as I think personal empowerment is derived from passion. I’ve used it creatively in my work with visuals arts, where my connection to subject matters such as disability rights, sex education, and racism, overpowered the judgement I received. Furthermore, the fervor approach I have to the causes I believe in, is what provided me with resilience; it allowed me to not be afraid of working with organizations against child sexual abuse, and to complete a research paper on abortions in Jordan. When it comes down to principles, I don’t think anyone could afford to be less than passionate.