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EUGÈNE Aurélie Ashby


My name is Aurélie Ashby Eugène and this is my bio. I was born and raised in what people call the poorest country of the Americas, but what I call one of the richest and most resilient countries of all, Haiti. I want to introduce myself with this statement as it represents a big part of who I am today: a 20-year-old woman, strong and daring. Where I am from, I learned to push my limits, persevere through fear, and help others. Moreover, I am defined by the values I acquired from my family and school, for which I am thankful. I love to read and learn; in fact, I am fluent in French, Creole (my native languages), English, proficient in Spanish, and currently learning Italian. I enjoy mystery and self-development books, but most importantly, I am constantly thriving, stepping out of my comfort zone, making mistakes, and learning from them.