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Empathy, leadership and commitment have always been my key features. If I find myself in a constructive argument, backing off isn’t exactly my thing: I never shy away from challenges and I don’t fear the spotlight. I am keen on debating and I admire people who have the intellectual maturity to confront others. I want my future to feel like a goal to achieve, a podium to step up to and a constant exchange of opinions. I don’t mind working hard but something I cannot put up with is doing it in an environment which lacks of love and mutual support. Sport and interpersonal relationships allowed me to thrive and develop some crucial skills like problem solving, which is something I’ve been improving day by day during my entire life, as well as teamwork and communication skills. Something I don’t like about myself is that most of the time I need people to remind me that I cannot live my life always striving for perfection and even if something doesn’t turn out as I wanted it to be it’s no big deal.