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Hey there lads, lasses, and lassos, my name is Jo and yes, I know what you're thinking, but no it is not only a male name...and regardless, who cares! You might think I look like a preppy one but usually you'll be recognising my wild curly lion's mane and interesting fashion from quite a distance. I love making art and writing so my hands and trusty docs are often covered in paint and ink. I'm quite interested in politics and world news so while I might not be carrying a newspaper everywhere I go, you may surely be seeing me writing one! When I'm not participating in debating competitions, or doing any of the above, you'll definitely be spotting me geeking over my newest manga or anime or the occasional Chinese/Korean drama. Actually, you might not be spotting me at all because I definitely enjoy some alone time! But when we are chatting and becoming the bestest of friends or detesting each other please ignore how I mix 7 languages together and please don't ask me for music recommendationd. For now, I'LL be the one SEEING you in September...ciao!