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Hi everyone! My name is Doğa Çalışkan. I was born and raised in Ankara , the capital city of Turkey . From kindergarten through high school, I attended a French high school. I was able to learn new languages and experience a diverse atmosphere because of this. I had a wide range of interests in both athletics and the arts. I spent seven years competing with a team as a certified swimmer. Throughout my student life at school , I went to numerous MUN conferences. Dancing and drama are the other two things that I like most . Being interested in so many different subjects and spending time with so many different individuals has been very beneficial to me. I may therefore claim to be a versatile person who has good interpersonal skills. Throughout my academic career, I put forth a lot of effort and have always enjoyed studying . I believe that Rome Tor Vergata's global governance program will aid in my further personal growth. I'm confident that in these three years, I'll succeed in global governance, create a strong career plan, and forge enduring friendships. I can't wait to meet you all and introduce you to my university. Hope to meet you all !