Elisa Felici


Hi everyone, my name is Elisa Felici and I am from Rome. I am 19
years old and I was born and raised in this city.
I have always attended italian schools. When it was time for me to
choose which high school attend, I decided to join a particular
section at the Virgilio where I would have obtained at the end of the
five years both the italian and french diploma. I learned french at the
secondary school and this interest conditioned very strongly my life
choices. In fact at the end of the third year I decided to change
school, entering the french school system. In this new school
humanities, such as philosophy and literature, were at the core of my
studies, and it is in this intellectual environment that I graduated this
year at the french school of Rome, still obtaining both diplomas.
I would describe myself as a friendly and cheerful person. I like
being surrounded by people and really being able to connect with
them. However I also have a very precise and methodical way in
approaching things, especially for what regards my studies. I like
being outside and doing sports. I am a swimmer, even though I am a
fairly good volleyball player. Being passionate in sports made me determined as well as aware of what competition
is and takes!
It’s because of my interest Liberal Arts and Politics that and I am confident the Global Governance programme will
be challenging and will allow me to develop communication, analytical and problem solving skills while at the
same time encouraging independent thought, tolerance, and informed interest in current affairs.