Elsa Maria Festa


Hello my name is Elsa Maria and I'm 19 years old. My family comes from Siena but I've always lived in a small town called Orvieto, in Umbria. I attended the Liceo Classico in Orvieto but I spent my fourth year of High School in Vancouver, where I learnt what it means to live in an international environment.
The experiences abroad and travels that I lived so far have increased my feelings of curiosity towards the world and I would love to keep learning from the world and with the world, working in direct contact with people. My humanistic studies have been vital to me because I think that studying history, languages and literature allows people to reflect in a real authentic way but The world offers to us people so much that I find it hard to decide to focus just on one field of study. That's why I love the idea that studying at Global Governance, that offers an interdisciplinary approach, will give me the chance to explore reality in all the different aspects that comes with it.