Martina Forbicini


Hi everyone! My name is Martina and I'm 20 years old. I attended Liceo Classico "Bertrand Russell" in Rome. I have been playing volleyball for 7 years, learning what teaming up really means. Since I was a child I've been travelling a lot thanks to my family and my school, so I could meet different people and learn different traditions. I got the chance to visit not only European countries but also places far way from home which meant cultures so diverse from mine. This variety gave me the possibility to grow up and better understand what's surrounding us. I love exploring the world in order to accumulate experiences that I can actually share. I consider myself open-minded, hard-working, motivated and wishful to absorb as much knowledge as possible. As soon as I finished High School I wasn't really sure about what do to next, so I took a gap year of six months in Sydney, Australia, studying English and working. This experience helped me to realise what I want for my future: living and working in a multicultural environment, being in contact with people from all over the world. Being a traveler has always been my favourite hobby: if at the beginning was just for fun, after facing the injustices and bad situations of some countries, I feel the need to have an active role in helping and changing what is not right. That's the reason why I chose Global Governance: I'm sure it will give me the opportunity to reach my goal!