Shahmar Hasanov


I am a first year student studying Global Governance that joinedthe program from Azerbaijan. Recently, my enthusiasm in politics, economics and law took me into the University of Tor Vergata. There are two main reasons for my choice. First is the multicultural environment, which will enable me to observe and understand people from different backgrounds and culture. Second is the opportunity of learning a new language, which has been my passion since childhood and today I am fluent in four languages including Russian and Turkish. I look forward to take my Italian into another level whilst I am in Rome.
I have played tennis in national level for couple of years and I love football, swimming, reading books and watching movies. I have also participated in MUN (Model United Nations), where I was a delegate several times. This experience helped me to appreciate the importance of team-work for getting to the mutual aim – international peace and security, no matter of age, religion, race or nation. With the combination of my prior experience and the Global Governance course, I will do my best to make the world a better place to live in.