Jingyuan Li


My name is Li Jingyuan, I'm 21 years old, coming from China. I have a strong passion in the subject of art and humanity and would like to see more exchanges of civilizations. That’s one of the reasons that I chose the elite university of Xi’an International Studies University. Xi’an, a world heritage city rich in Chinese history and culture. During the 3-year college time there, I have participated in voluntary activities in different fields and also organized various students activities with great success.
I would like to expand a totally different view through the world and wonder what we should do to be a responsible adult as young generation, no matter to the nation, the society, or the world. I also want to know more fellow mates from different nations with different cultural background. With all my passion and such desires of changes, I decided to leave China where I can’t be more familiar with, instead, I will start a brand new life in Rome, such a wonderful place. Fortunately, I've stayed in Florence for 6 months to learn Italian language, the experience of language learning makes me love Italy, the wonderful country, even more.    
Coming from China, I would like to be a "bridge" of the Chinese culture so that all kinds of ways in cultural communication are welcomed by me. In the future, my target is to make commitments to society through a career in foreign affairs. I also have a further plan to continue my study at master level. By acquiring the knowledge, insight and experience from here, I’m sure I will be more confident in selecting a particular subject to study from the broad issues of global governance, to better prepare myself to work for the people of  the world.